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my thursday nights

for the next 3 months will be consumed not in happy hours with my friends drinking the night away and making poor life choices. No, they will be spent listening to the ramblings of finance and other business teachers. Im sitting in Finance class right now at the Jersey City campus where my teacher, Dr. T., is giving his introduction in broken english. This definitely wont be a fun course for the content, but this guy seems like a character. Im not sure how you would spice up finance anyhow. First couple sentences out of his mouth I didnt really understand except for the word “shit.” That was followed by a broken F-bomb and now I know the pace set for this course.

I cant help but want to be in a Hoboken bar, preferably TXAZ, drinking $2 beer-waters and doing shots of my favorite whisky all while waiting for Liam to show up to take the night to a whole new level. Its a nice dream, but I wont have a free Thursday night until late August. Whoa is me.

Note: He just asked a passing administrator if he could “get this sonuvabitch outta his classroom.” Talking about this kid that has been in his courses several times before. Dude’s going to be crazy.

Note2: I think that he might be hard of hearing bc he yells everything that comes from his mouth. Its comical too bc he accentuates strange syllables.

Note3: I learned on break that Dr. T used to conduct business in Colombia. Business with attractive women, that type of business. He might be the coolest cat in this school. He also wears a Rolex.

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  1. bubs
    May 20, 2010 at 17:49

    Just drop the class like I did in college. Nothing wrong with an 8 year graduation pace

    • May 20, 2010 at 17:52

      how I wish I could, but I am on pace for an 11 year graduation. I got you beat already son so its time to get down to business! Im sure there will be a night or two where I could be persuaded to skip, but Im only allowed one a course.

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