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target. how many hours have you wasted?

for people who deserve better than walmart

I wandered around Target today and got to thinking about how many hours I waste in this place. It has to be 100s. I mean, I go in there for a DVD and I come out 3 hours later with a cart full of nonsense. Today was actually the exception to the rule because I went in with a purpose and left in under 15 minutes. That absolutely has to be a record for me, maybe a record for all of mankind.

One time this winter Nick, Michelle and I actually walked to Target during a blizzard. We played video games, looked through all the isles, sampled some of the Target fare (put it back on the shelf) and left without buying a thing. We then trudged all the way back home in 8″ of snow. Call us weird, but we were stuck inside for days!

Its just so inviting in there. No clocks, well lit, infinite isles to peruse. They do well to keep people wandering aimlessly through the store. Their merchandising is top notch, the branding is world class, and the products are actually worth buying for the most part. It makes you wonder why you would ever be caught dead in Walmart. Dont you just feel better than the average Walmart-goer when you are in Target? Have you seen this website People of Walmart? If not, click the link and check it out. The outfits in here are amazing. This site automatically makes you feel better about yourself. If you are having a bad day, go to People of Walmart and know that you dress better than these poor saps. Well at least I hope you do.

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