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accounting final

So Ive heard the excuse “my computer froze on the last question I swear. Can I retake the test?” excuse a couple times. And I am sure that my teacher friends could attest to hearing this as well or one of several thousand excuses like it. But after all my doubt in others and these statements, yesterday it happened to me. Karma looked me square in the eyes, smirked a little and then round housed me in the balls Chuck Norris style. (According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, Chuck Norris can actually roundhouse kick you yesterday) I could not believe that after an hour and 45 minutes of sweat and tears, it just decided to quit.

I felt like throwing up. I honestly got a little sick feeling as this all went down. There was a split second where I thought about throwing the computer across the room, but then I thought about you guys. My loyal readers and how lonely you might be without being able to hear about my exploits and rants. You guys saved my computer and I thank you for that.

I ended up taking the test again today, another hour and 45, and finished with an 88.1! Hiyo! Im definitely getting an A in this class now. Too bad I just didnt learn much. At least I still have the book downloaded for any questions that I might have as I move forward with some of my business ideas. And I do have a little better understanding of all the principles. Now I only have 4 more hours of class tomorrow and a powerpoint presentation to get through then its on to Finance this Thursday from 6-10pm. Im sure this will be another gem of a class.

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