This is the most exciting accounting pic I could find AND accountants apparently use old-fashioned pens!

Some people get it, some people don’t. Some people like them, still others don’t. I would dare to liken numbers to cilantro. Maybe the first time in history that this comparison has ever been brought to light but I feel that it is an accurate one. Hopefully you will too after I explain my reasoning for this.

I am finishing up Accounting280 this week in college and I have to say that this is, by far, the WORST class I have ever been in. I can’t say that the teacher has much to do with how bad it is because accounting is just something that doesn’t interest me, never has and never will. My teacher is a very soft-spoken, monotone fellow who does well to convey the vast knowledge he obviously has stored in that beautifully shorn head of his, but I just get talked to sleep. He uses me as a comparison many times right as I am on the verge of a micro nap so I have to spring back to life and act like I know where we are. Since I am the only business owner in the class, he uses Bustin Boards to illustrate many of the principles we are trying to discover. Throughout this course, I have learned some things about where our prior mistakes were in the accounting of our inventory and money. That’s a good thing. I also learned the importance of the accounting behind the numbers of a company. Another good thing. But the fact still remains that I cannot wrap my head around this. I am simply not a numbers guy. Yes, I can figure out the solutions to problems, equate averages and create balance sheets (somewhat), but this drives me crazy. Im a people person. I crave interaction, something to engage me. Call this ADD if you want, but I do like shiny things. Numbers cant offer me that.

Earlier I likened numbers to cilantro. People of the world either love or hate cilantro. Studies show that there aren’t too many people on the fence about this issue. You more than likely hate it with a passion or you embrace it. Some people taste soapy, metallic dish water when eating cilantro, others enjoy its taste. I happen to despise the leafy greenery like many of my friends. In fact, Chris wants to start a nonprofit for food related aide called “Sin Cilantro Por Favor” meaning, no cilantro on my food or ill kick your teeth in and have you remake it immediately(loosely translated). If you don’t like cilantro, buy a shirt and 100% of the proceeds will go to a food related charity. It’s still in the works, but we will have it running before the end of 2010.

I feel that numbers are the same way for people. I was talking to Bennett earlier today and he expressed the same sentiment. Numbers are something you get or don’t. Something that just clicks for you or you struggle to compute. I dont think there is much of a middle ground. I did well in all my math classes in high school, so much so that I tested out of college math early on. My brother on the other hand, just has a hard time. This kid isn’t dumb by any means, just can’t capture the principles behind certain numerical information. In fact, he had one of my high school teachers tell him that he was “no Matt Colvin when it came to math.” After hearing this, I walked into that class while I was on leave from the military, greeted said teacher and then politely asked her never to compare the two of us again. It really was done respectfully, but I doubt this teacher would ever talk to me again.

Here I sit with my laptop in hand or in class and feel the same way my brother surely did. What the hell am I doing here, what the hell am I looking at? I fully understand that accounting is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business and that I should be more into this, but I can’t help not caring. One last class and I am taking my final tonight online, hopefully. I have an A in the class and am not really worried about finishing this course, but I do wish I could have absorbed more. I’m very hands on when it comes to learning (and drinking, jokes) so lecturing me isnt working. Oh well. I have the book downloaded and I know the basic principles behind the math so I should be good. Anything else I need, I’ll just call my boy Adam the Accountant. He likes numbers, I hate cilantro.

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