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seis de mayo

It kinda looks like a mexican tapeworm right?

Yup its the day after cinco de mayo and I figured I would keep the theme. It probably runs its course with this post though so dont worry about any more espanol in this blog.

I woke with a slight headache this morn, but fully understood where it came from…tequila. I do not like tequila and it does not like me. Its not really a hatred kind of thing, we just arent that cordial. He comes over, I get a little antsy, maybe start knocking things over and that’s how it all starts. I kept it cool last night with it being our first meeting in many months, but still this morning I awoke with a reminder that tequila had been in town.

A hearty breakfast and some “24” (gotta love that Jack Bauer, he’s quite the American hero), then dig into the accounting homework that I have been putting off all week. I have never despised another class more than this one, but what sucks is that I need to know this stuff to run a successful business. You have to know what the money is doing and where it is going to accurately manage it all. sucks! A couple hours of serious brain hemorraging and I decided to return Jef’s drill that I borrowed in January. Head over there and find out he is just packing up to go to Crossfit so I decided to join. Horrible mistake. We had to do a circuit of 400 meter runs, 30 ft of lunges, 10 pull ups and repeat three times. We both made it in under 10 minutes which I feel is pretty damned good but I am still sore at bedtime. Went to sit on the toilet and almost fell in because my legs gave out. This stuff is intense and I LOVE it.

Get back up to Jef’s office, complain about how sore we are, lie around on the floor and talk about the military. It was cool because Jef and I havent had too many of those talks and I really dont talk about my military life with too many people. Good times. I said goodbye to Jef and skated back home to make some curry chicken with pineapple, amazing. In case you didnt know, this dude can cook. Just an FYI ladies, he’s not all whimsical writing.

Made some phone calls about the Marc Jacobs skateboards I am facilitating and kind of veg out. I watched “Shitter Island” and was confused (whats even more funny is that the movie is called SHUTTER ISLAND, but I obviously didnt type that the first time around. Ill leave it bc it makes me laugh). I love Mr Scorsese, but this one really blew my mind. I dont know how I feel about it, I feel indifferent. I then watched some Criminal Minds and finished up the night with Green Zone starring Matt Damon. It was a pretty good movie but very politically driven. I take that back, I felt awkward throughout most of the movie as they played through this scenario. I give the movie a shoulder shrug. I wont watch it again, I feel a little bit cheated and I dont like to have agendas pushed on me. Maybe I am thinking about it too much, but that’s what it feels like.

Anyway, its finally time for bed and I am relishing at the thought of putting down some Z’s. I have been sleeping a little better, but still not as consistent as I would like. Happy thoughts as I put this laptop away and shut these beautiful poop brown eyes of mine. Simply exquisite.

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