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new book: Making Ideas Happen

I just got a new book from Amazon called “Making Ideas Happen.” Nick forwarded this on to me from the blog Josh Spears. Its a “tell-all” book on how to get your ideas from inside your head on to paper and then into the hands of consumers. It sounded like something I would be into so I snatched it up. Today I am too busy to read and its too nice outside, but Thursday sounds like a good day to start again.

I cant really say I like to read, never have, probably never will, but I want to give it another shot. There have only been a few short windows in my life where I actually craved good reading material: 1) when Jurassic Park came out and was the coolest thing since metal lunchboxes. I read a ton of Michael Crichton after that. 2) Breakups lead to hard times and hard times lead to depression and from there who knows how far down the rabbit hole I went. BUT, if you read an amazing book like “The Traveler’s Gift” you feel brand new. Im going to do a write up on this book shortly because it is the most inspiring book I have ever read. Plus I kinda need those words of wisdom again so I will be adding this to the list of “must reads” for this month. 3) My first deployment I found James Patterson who writes about Detective Alex Cross. Morgan Freeman played this character in “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider.” Both were good movies, but GREAT fiction novels. I think I read 6-8 of JP’s books on that vacation to sunny Afghanistan. Other than these instances, I dont really pick up books for months or years at a time. I think that it might be that time again. That time to get lost in someone else’s words. Kind of like whats happening to you with this drab reading. Sorry about that, Ill have something more amazing for you the next time. They cant all be winners I guess.

Look for the review on “Making Ideas Happen” sometime in the next 8 months. Cheers!

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