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Bamboozle is a festival put on at the Meadowlands in the shadow of the new and old Giants Stadium. Its a venue that puts almost 100 bands on 7 stages over two days. The lineup this year included Weezer, Drake, MGMT, Paramore and regrettably, Ke$ha for both days (how did this chick get her start and why hasnt someone banned her from the airwaves for causing people’s eardrums to burst at the sound of her droll attempt at music?) She kills me. Last year’s set included Gwen Stefani (with her independent songs as well as songs from Tragic Kingdom fame) and hubby Gavin (singing Bush and killing it from Sixteen Stones), with a ton more up and coming artists that werent as whiny. Oh and Fall Out Boy closed Saturday night last year and you couldnt give me a ticket to see them again, they sounded that awful live.

Chris, Brent and I manned the tent each of the two days as we showed off Ogden Clothing and listened to live angsty, teen screamo music. It wasnt all bad, but not all good either. We quickly saw that eyeliner guys and bad dye job girls dont appreciate a good piece of artwork on a T shirt. Nor do they want something original. Everyone of the kids looked the same. Black shirt, skinny black jeans, sad expression, and slicked over hair. There actually were a few standouts who decided that orange would be a good look or skinny jorts down their crack with the “F” bomb written on their chest. It was amusing and alarming all at once. I have never seen so many young kids angry at the world and so adamant to show their disdain. If I have a daughter, I may not let her out of my sight bc she will probably be running off to concerts and doing the same things. Unnerving.

On day two, we realized we were not going to be the smash hit clothing company of Bamboozle and came up with this slogan, “we make friends, not money.” From there on out, we had a blast. We talked with everyone that came through, answered a ton of questions, talked about the brand and all this without the stress of pushing shirts. And to our surprise, it ended up working. We talked with our neighboring booths and drank some adult beverages. Listened to MGMT and Weezer close out the concert and packed up in record time.

Once back in Hoboken, we held the Ogden wrap party at DCs bar on 8th and Adams complete with $2 PBR, Jameson shots and some serious team Buckhunter. Buckhunter, by the way, is the best game out there right now. This particular one happens to be the Safari edition so you get to down elephants, zebras and the king of the jungle. How much better could it get? I have no idea.

Bamboozle was a bust for the money, but we did have a good time, talked with a ton of people and got to listen to live music. Not half bad.

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