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A couple months back I was introduced to a drinking game by my Jersey friends, thanks Fred. Its a speed game where you try to bounce quarters into a cup. The two cups start on opposite sides of the table and the object is to catch up then lap your opponents. With each lap, the person getting lapped must drink a shot of beer before trying to bounce the quarter and pass the cup. Getting caught in the “web” means that you are caught between two people that are hitting all their shots and you are getting lapped continuously. When you are deep in the “web”, the player getting lapped cant do shots of beer fast enough and then hit their shot. Might be a little hard to understand here, but with a couple rounds, its easy to pick up. I will gladly show you how to play if interested. Its a great pregaming idea.

We had most of the family standing around the island in the kitchen bouncing quarters and shooting beers. We might have played for three hours. At least that’s what it felt like. We started with 7 players and eventually whittled it down to only four. As you can imagine it got REAL bad REAL quick. The night ended around 0230 in a 50% barf ratio. That is not truly the goal of the game, but there are some real troopers and rallyers here in this family. I was not included in the ratio mentioned previously bee tea dubya.


just like old times

If this were a Sunday, I would swear that I had been transported back in time to my military years here in Tucson. Sundays consisted of me skating the 1/4 mile to Brandon’s house lugging a handle of Capt if it were my time to buy, then cooking all day and watching the games. Slow cooking dips and pork carnitas, breading and basting our own spicy chicken wings, and making creme brulees. We did some SERIOUS cooking and eating back in those days. Sundays, this became the ritual. Great food, handles of rum, the triple brewed hops of Miller Lites and gorging oneself on fatty num nums.

Different house, bigger kitchen, different time 4 years later, but same smells of transparent onions and chilies, same beers, and same soundtrack(Anchorman). If you havent listened to this soundtrack, you are missing out. I love Will Ferrell and this CD is worth listening to all the way through when you are having a day that just needs a “pick me up.” his funny interjections really set the mood for a good time. Nothing like have a real good laugh between sick rock riffs and throwing some chili and queso together. This is one of those times that again transports me back.

Im so glad that I started writing in this blog because of how much it has opened my eyes and helped me to really appreciate the memories that I can actually recall. Is that a side effect of alcohol? Is that posted anywhere on the can? I cant remember.

Side note on alcohol: Did you know that 67% of STDs and 80% of unwanted pregnancies occur when alcohol is involved? This was actually in a summer safety briefing issued by the world’s finest Air Force just a week ago. This info was even accompanied by several PowerPoint slides to really bring home the point.

Not too shabby here in the Bennett house. Just like old times.


When I first got here to Tucson on Wed, Brandon and I promptly came home to pour some adult beverages. We rolled out to the pool and just caught up on life. An hour turned into four, one drink turned into 6 and I was “toasty.” Toasty in two ways, I didnt eat as much as I should have throughout the day AND I got too much color. Little did I know that pale white guys that have been hiding from the NJ sun and hang out inside too much burn easily under this beautiful cloudless sky. Little did I know.

What makes it worse is the fact that I bought a big ass bottle of suntan lotion for Thursday, used it quite often, and got burned worse anyway. Crap!! Its only my shoulders and upper back, but it was hard to sleep. Hard to sleep when I am already having trouble putting down quality Zs. Totally worth it though to be out here. Gonna put on some Zinc, lather up real think with the lotion and wear a T shirt in the pool like a fat kid. This way I dont miss a day outside bc of my stupidity. Dumb me, red me. Drinks and great friends always get me into trouble…and I wouldnt have it any other way. Let the weekend commence!

buenos dias

is spanglish for “good morning”. Its 0800 out here in AZ and I have been up for an hour now. Couldnt get to bed last night (up until 0100 or 0400 East Coast time) and now I couldnt sleep in. Damn. I am beat down already and this vacation hasnt even really begun.

It feels so relaxing here in this big ole house that faces the Catalina Foothills (every time I say Catalina now, all I can think about is the “F-ing Catalina Wine Mixer” from Step Brothers. It makes me giggle every time.) and I love how slow pace it is. Nothing is too pressured. You just float on with the day, get what you need to done, and soak in the “no stress” atmosphere. I love it. I miss it. Being here brings back the flood of memories associated with the 4 years I spent in this town. It feels good to be home. It feels good to be back here with my “brother.”

The morning here is warm, the birds are chirping, I was greeted by a “push up” lizard (he does push ups on the larger rocks so the ladies can see how strong he is. This helps him to procreate. I should probably be doing more pushups, huh?) as I walked out the door today, and once again there isnt a cloud in the sky. Which coincidentally may not be in my favor as I drank several Capt’s with Brandon yesterday and already got a little sun burned. That’s what happens to us pale folk from out east I guess. Any volunteers to rub some lotion on my back? I cant reach it…ha!

Now to do some homework before everyone wakes up. Not a bad place to do some homework, right?

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Finally here

I can’t believe it’s taken this long but I am finally here in Tucson with the Bennett family. I have already knocked off several of my Tucson to do’s. The best so far is between two things; getting to have my first conversation with Chaz while we swam and the second is having a drink with Brandon as he finds out he got promoted to Master sergeant! What a great day.

We cooked up some pasta ad will be eating soon then heading down to watch Kenzi’s graduation. I’m a couple deep and loving it. The best start to this vacation I couldve imagined.

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Chi town

Dropped into the Chi with sunny skies and a quick reboard on to my final destination. Didn’t sleep the while flight last flight but came close. No chance on this one bc I am in the aisle and should finish homework so there isn’t anything to do when I arrive. It’s a jam packed flight full of old people. There are only 2 people younger than me on here. Everyone has a cane and got on for preboarding bc they are so old. Loving Tucson already bc the “blue hairs” are coming into town. Thank God I didn’t get a middle seat!

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Tucson bound!

May 26, 2010 1 comment

Sleep didn’t come easy last night, I mean this morning as I felt like a kid at Christmas with all the anticipation of leaving the east coast for sun and fun in the desert. I set three alarms this morning so I was assured to be awake. The first was loving titled “wake up bitch, you’re going to Tucson!” The second was “for reals, it’s time to get your ass in gear” and the third was more threatening, “we aren’t spending another extra $180 for you to sleep an hour longer. GET UP!” I don’t like boring alarms. I feel they should hve spunk to them, some real meaning. That’s why I title them the way I do. Plus it makes me laugh when I find them weeks later

I got out of bed at 05, climbed in a cab at 0515 and was here in Newark Airport by 0530. Sweet. Check in was a breeze for my first flight from here to the windy city but I probably jinxed myself for the Second flight.

I can barely keep my eyes open now and I have decided this first flight is for sleeping the second flight can be fr homework. I even have a whole row to myself. Luxury travel for this guy. No smelly guy sitting next to me or the woman that maybe shouldve bought two seats. Nope I am clear to stretch out and sleep off 2 hours to Chi Town. See you in O’Hare.

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