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tuesday schmoozday

Its been a chill day so far, filled with cutting out neck tags and adding “Ogden” ones. Pretty easy work, just tedious. We ventured off through the Holland Tunnel and onto Canal street, passing by the Tribeca Film Festival and onto the Williamsburg bridge. I love cruising through the city in a car but more-so, on a board. I cant wait for this weather to turn this weekend and hopefully the rain quits as well. Im really looking forward to hitting the pavement more this year than year’s prior. NYC better get ready.

Went to the Bustin Boards shop to grab Chris’s leftover gear, hung around with the crew in there and then bounced. They just got a 6 page spread in the new Concrete Wave which describes everything that is city riding or “Push Culture” as they have coined. Said our goodbyes and back through the city to Jersey City for some Taco Truck action once again. Fish tacos and barbacoa tortas then back to Ogden HQ. Put down all the food, sit back and let it settle, then sing a little diddy about making t shirts.

Stoked about the Banksy movie tonight, cant wait to see this. 4 hours til we hit the city yo!! This is going to be a good night. Ill hit you with a review and trailer on the next. Back on the grind cranking out shirts.

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