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exit through the gift shop

Last night a gang of us met in the city to watch a recently released street art film called “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” It’s the story of a man who films every aspect of his life for fear of missing a key moment. While on filming on vacation, he learns that his cousin is “Space Invader“, a street artist notorious for creating space invaders from rubics cube pieces. From there the movie turns into a ten-year documentation of the emerging street scene throughout the world. He meets and films all the big names in the scene with one exception, the mysterious Bansky. This cat is cool as a cucumber and intelligent to boot. A thinker who’s medium wasn’t in the lecture hall but rather outside on the walls of the lecture hall. His thoughts on society and politics are actually very profound and he plays into the subversive theme of graf all while doing it beautifully and with a provocative touch.

We came out smiling and gave the film 14 thumbs ups. Seems odd right, well I am the 7th wheel. That would be me plus 3 couples. Oh well… Did you get the math behind that one?

We stopped by Ginger Man in the shadows of the Empire State Building and enjoyed a coupe brews with a late dinner. We were located in this loungy portion of the bar with great beers and good company. I had a 6 point brown stone which is smooth and inviting. A real palette quencher that is just rich enough to evoke a slightly bitter after taste. I’m in love. Hints of fermented chocolate as well. How much do I love beer? SOOOOOOOOO much! That doesn’t really do it justice. Picture me dancing in a fountain of freshly brewed hoppy goodness as it showers over me. I have a pint glass that never needs refilling and scantily clad beer wenches are floating on inflatable animal rafts all around me. This is what I feel like every time I have a really great beer. There are different classifications of celebration for beers, but the one I described is pretty much the pinnacle or the zenith if you will.

We hung around a little later than I had planned, but thankfully I don’t have much in the way of a life to stop me from having all this FUN!

  1. May 10, 2010 at 14:14

    fun indeedy!
    you forgot to mention the kettle chips! i think i ate about 3,740 of them.

    nice golden shower image. 🙂

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