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rise and shine

So I found the sun peeking through my curtains around 0650 this morning and fought the losing battle of trying to go back to sleep. Instead I am reserved to trying a nap later this afternoon. Maybe siestas are the way to go? I talked about this concept with a friend that recently went to Milan and she believes this is the key to happiness. I will take your suggestion Madame and put it into action. Let the happiness and sleep ensue!!

Im working on homework now at 0751, and am not really wrapping my head around it. We have to create a business from the ground up with a foundation in ethics. What’s the ethical code of conduct for the company, do managers get ethics training, what values does your company live/run by? Its a little heavy for this morning but I definitely dont want to be stuck inside all day today when the sun is shining. 2000 word essay and 10 slide PowerPoint to explain the company due next Saturday, our outline due tomorrow. ANOTHER 10 HOUR HELL DAY! Ugggghhhhh. Only one more week after this one of two-a-day classes. I will never take a Saturday class again.

On the bright side. Its Friday. You would think that this day wouldnt matter when a person is unemployed and has TOO much free time. But by assuming that you would be very wrong my friends. Today is Friday and I look forward to it every week because its fish sangwich day at Von Hollands Delicatessen on 3rd and Bloom!! This sandwich literally makes my week. Its that good! I forget my problems, forget that school is only a couple hours away, and remember that life tastes good. You can call me a fatty if you want to. I would simply wipe away the tartar sauce and smile.

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