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The little guy is me. This pic was taken just yesterday in Crossfit. The guy holding me is my trainer. Now you can see why I joined!

I just signed up for a new gym regimen and though super expensive I am excited about it. Its called Crossfit and its a full body workout each session that incorporates muscle confusion so you dont plateau. I owe Rob Perry and Tommy Burdette apologies for making fun of them back when they were doing this workout. Sorry fellas, I now see why you were doing this. If you follow the entire plan to a “T”, it seems much like a cult (dont drink the Kool-Aid!). But after hearing testimonials, hitting up a couple free workouts and doing some research, I am in full steam ahead. This workout isnt about pushing weight, which I am absolutely tired of. Its about full body conditioning using medicine balls, rowing, kettlebells, pull ups, and a ton of “body weight” exercises. Ive been looking for something to help rehab my knee and shoulder, but now I dont have to look any further.

I just got back from the “regular” gym and I now realize I loathe my time there. I can see some results, but it just seems tedious, too monotonous for my active mind. I was in the gym for about 30 minutes today and it seemed like hours. Machines and stations fill the whole expanse, there is no music playing to motivate, everyone is in their own little world, and there are mirrors everywhere for the guidos to make sure their hair gel isnt leaking down the side of their face. Im tired of it, not my scene. This type of environment was fine in Afghanistan when we had nothing better to do, but not now.

Our Crossfit workout yesterday almost put me to bed. I havent sweat like that since back in the military and that has been exactly what I have been missing. Crossfit forces you to interact with the people you are working out with, so you not only meet new people, but you push and encourage each other as well. Way more stimulating then doing the bench press alone and wondering what would happen if i just dropped the weight on myself. No, this is good for both my mind and body AND after 45 minutes of crazy-almost-going-to-puke intensity, you feel more accomplished than 3 hours in the normal gym. I only have 3 more days until the new workout truly begins and I cannot wait. Im not a profit for Crossfit, Im not getting paid for this, this is simply how I feel so far about it. My opinion could change, but for now, this is going to be my jam.

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  1. May 10, 2010 at 14:17

    another devotee:
    (i think nick and michelle know this dude)

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