simpler times

The last couple posts really got me thinking about the changes we go through in life and how different things are today than yesterday. Not actually yesterday, but you know what I mean. The yesterday that was your college years or for me the military. The yesterday that was high school, middle school and the playground in elementary. The yesterday that was the old block, the hood you grew up in. Where is all that now? Where did it all run off to?

I know we are on this earth to live, work, die and pay taxes, but along the way, where did these times go? Have you ever really sat down and thought about how mundane and monotonous our lives have become. Where is the spontaneity, that fire that makes us leap before we look. We are so calculated and plan oriented now that we have lost a little bit of ourselves and we lose more with each day that we dont reign it back in. Work to make money to live happily ever after when you are 65. Its not going to happen like that for me and I know that. I want to live that life now and work along the way. Truthfully, I just dont want to work ever again, but I havent invented silent velcro yet.

Dont take me as a slack ass. When I say “work”, I dont want to put on that suit or tie that tie. I dont want to pour you that drink and ask “is there anything else I can get you?” I dont want that 9-5 cubicle and I most certainly dont want to file those TPS reports (that’s an Office Space reference people, get with it here). I want to do something that makes me happy, I want to do or make something that makes YOU happy. That’s not work, that’s something different entirely.

Thinking about my life and the paths I have chosen, I feel good. I cant say I am in the best place I have ever been, but Im good. I have a great story so far. The first quarter of my life has been filled with incredible highs and lower lows. My bro and I had a rough home life there for a while, but look where we are now. Little bro is now on the verge of marriage, has a strong woman by his side and two rugrats that definitely keep him entertained. I live next to the greatest city in the world, go to school full-time, I have helped to build a successful company, and I am poised for my next move. Ive seen war and survived virtually unscathed all while working with some of the most incredible people on this planet. I run several money making operations from the comfort of my couch and somewhere out there is a woman that cares about me. I cant really complain when I think of it that way.

All this has been put into perspective by my last few days of sheer misery while I wallowed in self pity. Drowning your sorrows with vodka doesnt work, so that methodology is out. Today with the rain pouring down, I decided I wasnt that bad off and I am putting myself back on track to improvement. New gym, new workout, new focus, new course. Another spark for this movement, my dear friend Jackie. Always a great listener, more so, one of the people I respect most in this life.

This reminds me that good friends are hard to come by. I only have a couple that are always a constant (you know who you are). It just seems harder as you get older to make those simple connections like you did as a child. You know like blood brothers. Getting scabby knees and grass stained jeans. Playing games that dont make sense to outsiders and building forts with toilets 30 ft in the air just so you can say you pooped from the top of a tree. Running over each other with 4 wheelers and coming up with cover stories so we didnt get in trouble. Running from cars and diving in bushes bc it seemed like it made perfect sense. Having marshmallow battles in the living room and cursing only to find out your dad WAS home after all. Playing NBA Jams until your fingers bled and then fighting when it didnt go your way. Hot tub conversations under the stars while you contemplated the next major moves of your life. Hanging out on front porches and wasting the nights away. Emergency “fellas” trips to Mexico to let one of the crew know his girlfriend might be crazy. Throwing charity Halloween parties that end in dental and surgical work. Bouncy balls to the face and finally finding out all the guys saw your girl naked. ANIMECON, period. Hummus, double period. Flying 100+ combat missions with the same guy who I now consider my brother. Chai lattes at the Green Bean in Uzbekistan and pizza mondays in Afghanistan. Drinking handles of Capt Morgan out of monogrammed high balls on football Sundays with a pot of queso on. Kickball in your late 20s and winning championships. The most important of those being the “drinking title.” Sunday Fundays that never seem to end. Those kinda friends will hardly ever happen again and I am thankful for the ones that I have.

Sappy, I know. Full of inside jokes, I know. It just flowed and felt right. I needed to get that off my chest. If you dont understand, buy me a beer and I’ll tell the story in question. I got a million of them. And hope to live a million more.

  1. May 10, 2010 at 14:20

    sniff sniff. you just made my day. i like when you flow.

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