Another night of tossing makes me feel like I am back in Afghanistan. That was where I got some of the worst and best sleep of my life strangely enough, though the “best” was fueled by VItamin A, Ambien. I really dont want to go that route again, but Im not sure quite what to do. Im thinking about trying to schedule a sleep study to determine what’s going on with my tossing and turning, but I might wait until I get heavier into my body cleansing period. Maybe more working out and eating better will translate into a more efficient sleep. The key word there is efficient. I dont care if I sleep for five hours or ten, I just want them to be productive so I can function better throughout the day.

I havent been having that many dreams lately either. At least I cant recall many of them, any of them. That’s somewhat disturbing as well. I used to have such vivid dreams but now its a struggle to even remember them when I wake up. Guarantee that I will remember the nightmares I have, but none of the good stuff. Some of those nightmares feel so real that its like I am actually in the situation. The sensations I dream up almost pain me and I have actually woken up sore from the mental strain. Pretty crazy to me. I wish I was in a sleep study while one of these ultra-realistic nightmares was going on so that they could really get a glimpse into my medulla-oblongota.

Oh well, Ill get through. Time for an egg white breakfast and multigrain Cheerios (have you had these things yet, they are amazing). Hopefully I can finish up the leftover Accounting homework I have and then see what the rest of the day brings. I have a Taco Truck lunch date (Ill give a review later today) with one of my oldest friends today, Jackie. It will be good to sit in the park, eat a tasty mexican delectable, and chat about life in this week’s episode of “As MAtt’s World Turns.” It will also be great to hear about what’s going on with her wedding planning and anything else we can come up with. I ALWAYS look forward to a conversation with this woman. One of the greatest, most memorable intellectual talks I have ever been engaged in was with this amazing friend back in high school. I will never forget that. If you ever get a chance to chat it up with her; 1) consider yourself lucky, and 2) please take full advantage. She is as good as advertised. Maybe that last line doesnt sound so good, but in the context of conversation, it does. Get your minds out of the gutter!

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