cotton candy

Back in Hobo and rocking new duds! SKate duds that is. This board is so fresh it smells like springtime or babies. This board was inspired from the Strike I was rocking all summer long in 2009. I painted it with a teal base, white, yellow, pink and orange “Bustins”. This one is a little different since its mass produced, but it feels good to have inspired a board that hundreds will ride.

Next, those wheels. Jef “walkStar” came up with the “tightwall” name and I played into the blacked out inner design. Originally they were supposed to be black on the backside of the hub as well so that it looks like you are riding with no inner. Hope that makes sense.

Ate at Taco Chulo on Grand in Williamsburg and killed a massive Puerco burrito. It was insanely good. A little pricey, but one of the best burros I have had since leaving Tucson. I would liken it to Chipotle on steroids. Packed with well seasoned, fall apart pork, potatoes instead of the usual rice and freshly made guacamole. If you are in the area of the Bustin Boards shop or anywhere near Grand and Havemeyer, you should stop through and check out these delectables.

Im now back at Chris’s writing this and hanging on the couch. Thinking a nap is in order but since I am running out of daylight, that might not be a good idea. PLEASE let me sleep tonight!

Whats for dinn? Lost is on tonight, sawheat! Happy 4twenty all you clowns out there.

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