Egg white omelet, early morning chat with Michelle, contemplate the Empire coffee I am craving but decide to hit the gym instead. I guess this is part of the new mindset here. I am trying to get past all my temptations, mostly food, and get back into shape. I have been a serious slacker in this department ever since leaving the military, so why not change that today? I claim today as the beginning of a new day!! Literally. And that doesnt even really make sense, but that’s what came out. Oh and I volunteered to go to Haiti next month.

Over at Chris’s right now working on our game plan for the day. I feel energized and so does he. A good combo for two guys going through lady troubles. Today we are rolling out to Bustin Boards in Brooklyn to claim my Strike, new wheels and just catch up with the old crew. Along the way we are picking up a straggler named Liam, Chris’s friend from high school, for some lunch and whatever ensues. Liam was a part of our infamous Sunday Funday two weeks ago. There will be a censored report of that sometime soon.

Maybe a Target run, some business planning, a small strategy session for projects this summer. Did I mention the Haiti thing? I woke up in such a fluster, motivated but still overthinking things and checked my email. My mom told me about one of her patients organizing trips to Haiti over the last month. She said the church they are working with is funding the trips, but the volunteers have to pay room and board. So guess who signed up? I already told you who…ME, SUCKAS!! Im working on my passport this week, filling out the necessary paperwork and hopefully getting picked up for the next trip. SInce I have so much free time, why not do something for the better good. Im still getting paid from the military for going to school, I hate my accounting class so this gives me the best excuse in the world to skip class, AND because. That’s the easiest reason, just because. I hope I get picked up for this. Maybe a new goal before I hit 30 is to do some other volunteer work around the world? If you have any other ideas, hit me up or if you want to join in, hit me up. Just hit me up.

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