What the hell am I doing awake this early in the morning? The horns havent been blasting outside my window, Nick has made a sound, my phone hasnt beeped, rang, or buzzed. I dont get it. This is the 3rd sunrise I have seen in the last week and a half (Sunday Funday 11Apr, Saturday School, and today). Part of me likes this because its a lost part of the day for me. The other half of me then donkey punches my cranium and says, “quit with all this philosophical shit about “lost” time and get back to bed! You’re youth is fading faster than Nick Cannon’s career!” I wish I could heed the other half’s request for more sleep, but I just cant seem to clear my mind and doze back off. Instead I figured I would write it out.

I am going to read up on sleep deprivation at some point today after our skate to Brooklyn (We Go Hard) to claim my new Strike. Some light reading on sleeping tips or herbal remedies that could help me put down a couple more hours a night. Or an Ambien prescription could be in my future. Im running on 5-7 lately and its just not enough bc in those 5-7 im fighting my bed the entire time. I wake up sometimes tangled in my sheets with pillows scattered all over the floor and my comforter hiding under the bed from kicking the hell out of her all night. I say “her” because I cant imagine sleeping with a dude every night, I mean come on!

Time for breakfast and that cup of coffee I have been craving for months, Empire Coffee. Empire Coffee in Hobo is some of the best tasting coffee I have ever had. Im definitely skating there right now.

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