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my friday nights

One of the worst things in life is school on Saturday, that is besides Herpes. While my friends are out frolicking about tonight, I was lucky enough to sit at home and finish up homework that had been looming all week. “Why didnt you do it earlier in the week”, you ask. Well because the University of Phoenix has this amazing thing called Learning Teams. These teams are comprised of a random grouping of my classmates. Each week, the team is given an assignment that must be completed for the following class. If everyone works early in the week, Matt doesnt have to do 5 hours of homework on a Friday night. Obviously, because I am writing this post, this was not the case.

To top it off, Saturday school. Everyone is being lazy together, day drinking, shooting the poop, recovering from an “epic” night bro. All this while I am sitting in the front of a class at 0830 receiving death by PowerPoint. At least its supposed to rain all day and no one can have fun in the rain!

Either way, two 1000+ word essays and a PowerPoint presentation later, I am prepared for school tomorrow at 0830. First my management course called Organizational Ethics and Social Guidelines, then Accounting. Both are four hours apiece with some time allotted to meet with “Learning Teams” after. All in all its going to be about a 10 hour day at school on a Saturday. This only lasts three weeks and then Management will be over, but I am still screwed for another two weeks after that with Accounting. I hate math so I think that Accounting may kill me. If you dont hear from me by Sunday, take a stroll through jersey city. If you see splat mark on the road, that means I couldnt take it and I jumped to freedom. Hope I make it to another amazing Sunday Funday!

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