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Tough Mudder

April 30, 2010 1 comment

Lately Ive been feeling the need to recapture some of the military that is still ingrained in me, but I couldnt figure out how. I keep thinking about joining the Air National Guard up here in Jersey so that I can fly again, but havent really looked into the jobs available yet. Its only one weekend a month and 2 weeks a year with the probability of a deployment in there if I get lucky enough. (for those that dont know me very well, I have to say that the deployments I was apart of were some of the highlights of my life. How can you compare normal life to flying in a combat zone and helping to keep your brothers and sisters on the ground safe. Not much else holds a candle.)

Maybe jumping out of an airplane will give me that feeling again. I havent done it since jumping in Oahu a couple years back and missed out on the jump last year in Jersey for Liam’s 30th so I am probably due.

But that kind of rush is only for a minute of life so I need something a little more prolonged. I found this site a couple months back thanks to Nick and I am thinking that its time.

I missed the deadline for the May edition of this obstacle spectacular AND I wouldnt have been in the correct shape. It definitely would have kicked my ass. But by fall that’s a different story. With Crossfit, skating and surfing (i say that like Im good at it, but Ill be paddling in the water at least) and I should be ready to go. Any takers on signing up with me? If so, hit me up. This is going to be a great way to get out some aggression in a constructive manner!


exit through the gift shop

April 27, 2010 1 comment

Last night a gang of us met in the city to watch a recently released street art film called “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” It’s the story of a man who films every aspect of his life for fear of missing a key moment. While on filming on vacation, he learns that his cousin is “Space Invader“, a street artist notorious for creating space invaders from rubics cube pieces. From there the movie turns into a ten-year documentation of the emerging street scene throughout the world. He meets and films all the big names in the scene with one exception, the mysterious Bansky. This cat is cool as a cucumber and intelligent to boot. A thinker who’s medium wasn’t in the lecture hall but rather outside on the walls of the lecture hall. His thoughts on society and politics are actually very profound and he plays into the subversive theme of graf all while doing it beautifully and with a provocative touch. Read more…

tuesday schmoozday

Its been a chill day so far, filled with cutting out neck tags and adding “Ogden” ones. Pretty easy work, just tedious. We ventured off through the Holland Tunnel and onto Canal street, passing by the Tribeca Film Festival and onto the Williamsburg bridge. I love cruising through the city in a car but more-so, on a board. I cant wait for this weather to turn this weekend and hopefully the rain quits as well. Im really looking forward to hitting the pavement more this year than year’s prior. NYC better get ready.

Went to the Bustin Boards shop to grab Chris’s leftover gear, hung around with the crew in there and then bounced. They just got a 6 page spread in the new Concrete Wave which describes everything that is city riding or “Push Culture” as they have coined. Said our goodbyes and back through the city to Jersey City for some Taco Truck action once again. Fish tacos and barbacoa tortas then back to Ogden HQ. Put down all the food, sit back and let it settle, then sing a little diddy about making t shirts.

Stoked about the Banksy movie tonight, cant wait to see this. 4 hours til we hit the city yo!! This is going to be a good night. Ill hit you with a review and trailer on the next. Back on the grind cranking out shirts.

lazy monday

My boy Chris started a clothing company called Ogden a couple years back and is really making a push this year to get big. This weekend there is a concert festival at the Meadowlands in NJ where he will have a booth to sell some shirts. Pretty dope stuff and many of you have seen me rocking it before.

Either way, today we sat around and cut out neck tags, then heat pressed in Ogden custom tags. Probably doesnt sound like much work but it is tedious to say the least. AND we only got about a third of the shirts finished today. We have the system down and the responsibilities set, so I believe that tomorrow will go much more smoothly than today. We should be able to bang out the rest of the shirts no problem. It was good to have a chill day of working and brainstorming new ideas with Chris because the guy is truly a talent. Im glad that I got to help out and be a part of the making of these sick shirts and cant wait for this weekend’s concert. The Ogden booth is going to look great, generate a shit ton of buzz and then the summer will officially be en route.

Maybe this isnt exciting to everyone that reads this, but this is true entrepreneurship at its best so that’s why I love it.

Tomorrow is going to be jam-packed and I am looking forward to another day to keep my mind occupied. Bustin Boards at 1030 then back through the city to Ogden HQ for some more prep work for this weekend. Tomorrow evening the crew from Okoto are coming up and we are checking out a documentary on Banksy. I am really stoked about this one. Ill find the trailer and post it tomorrow. For now Im spent. Praying for 8 hours…

rise and shine

So I found the sun peeking through my curtains around 0650 this morning and fought the losing battle of trying to go back to sleep. Instead I am reserved to trying a nap later this afternoon. Maybe siestas are the way to go? I talked about this concept with a friend that recently went to Milan and she believes this is the key to happiness. I will take your suggestion Madame and put it into action. Let the happiness and sleep ensue!!

Im working on homework now at 0751, and am not really wrapping my head around it. We have to create a business from the ground up with a foundation in ethics. What’s the ethical code of conduct for the company, do managers get ethics training, what values does your company live/run by? Its a little heavy for this morning but I definitely dont want to be stuck inside all day today when the sun is shining. 2000 word essay and 10 slide PowerPoint to explain the company due next Saturday, our outline due tomorrow. ANOTHER 10 HOUR HELL DAY! Ugggghhhhh. Only one more week after this one of two-a-day classes. I will never take a Saturday class again.

On the bright side. Its Friday. You would think that this day wouldnt matter when a person is unemployed and has TOO much free time. But by assuming that you would be very wrong my friends. Today is Friday and I look forward to it every week because its fish sangwich day at Von Hollands Delicatessen on 3rd and Bloom!! This sandwich literally makes my week. Its that good! I forget my problems, forget that school is only a couple hours away, and remember that life tastes good. You can call me a fatty if you want to. I would simply wipe away the tartar sauce and smile.

couldnt have said it better

I just read this on Facebook, which I am back to hating by the way. It was a post from my friend Patrick. I just felt it was appropriate for myself and several others in my life. Thanks Patty.

“God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.” –Reggie White

Be strong, you can handle this.

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April 22, 2010 1 comment

The little guy is me. This pic was taken just yesterday in Crossfit. The guy holding me is my trainer. Now you can see why I joined!

I just signed up for a new gym regimen and though super expensive I am excited about it. Its called Crossfit and its a full body workout each session that incorporates muscle confusion so you dont plateau. I owe Rob Perry and Tommy Burdette apologies for making fun of them back when they were doing this workout. Sorry fellas, I now see why you were doing this. If you follow the entire plan to a “T”, it seems much like a cult (dont drink the Kool-Aid!). But after hearing testimonials, hitting up a couple free workouts and doing some research, I am in full steam ahead. This workout isnt about pushing weight, which I am absolutely tired of. Its about full body conditioning using medicine balls, rowing, kettlebells, pull ups, and a ton of “body weight” exercises. Ive been looking for something to help rehab my knee and shoulder, but now I dont have to look any further. Read more…

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