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yes, really!

I should have known that being prepared gets me nowhere! And the fact that this school cant gets its damn scheduling right is truly beyond me.

I left the house a little late because I was trying to scarf down some Old Fashioned Oats and a b-A-n-A-n-A-s (sing it like Gwen). 0745 means that I am not going to make it to class on time. That is, if the class even starts at 08. Decide to get back to my roots and kick, push, coast on the new board. Its a little chilly out this morning but the air feels crisp. Push through Target parking lot and then Modells, short cut through the plaza and Im at school in less than 7 minutes without breaking a sweat! It usually takes at least 20 on the train. Green transportation works!

Get to school, up to the 5th floor, and greet two other people. Both teachers, no students. One of them happens to be my teacher. We officially meet and then she tells me that the class starts at 09. GREAT!

Here I sit in the student lounge wondering if this is worth it sometimes. I knew this wasnt going to be easy but this hasnt exactly been an organized process from their standpoint. Ill suck it up and move on, just pissed off that I had to see 0645 on the clock this morning when I could have slept in for another hour. Here’s to being prepared. “HERE, HERE!”

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