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Tell me what good there is in me being up this early on a Saturday morning? IS there any good reason, really? If I were going on a trip, a skate through the city, down to Red Bank to meet Shawna, then yes. But not school. The next 8 weeks I have class or classes on Saturdays. Worst part is, I emailed me teacher about some questions and told her I would see her at 0800. She replies, “arent we to be in class at 0900?” So now, I dont know which it is. My electronic schedule says 0800 and she is saying 0900. That means that I have to be there at 0800 even if it starts at 0900. Life is cruel.

At least the sun is already shining. I guess that will be my niche for the next 2 months. Ill play weatherman to all you downtrodden, oversleep, overpartying, hungover friends of mine. Stay tuned here for all the action news and now to Matt Colvin for some weather! This way you dont have to look out the window and hurt your pour, dry eyes. Read it here.

Its sunny folks, looking like Spring has actually arrived. Hallelujah, praise baby Jesus.

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