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COMM105 Final

View from class. Downtown Manhattan

Horrible night of sleep. Saw the clock every hour from 0300 on and feeling real sluggish today. Not quite sure what was keeping me up but Ive been restless for days. I’m tired but can’t get into that good sleep. You know, that sleep-so-hard-that-you-wake-up-with-a-snort-in-a-puddle-of-your-own-drool kinda sleep. The sleep-so-deep-you-blink-and-it’s-8-hours-later type sleep.

Wake up for the last time around 0900, eat a cinnamon raisin bagel, and lounge around this morning. Contemplate going to the gym for about an hour, but can’t get motivated. Nix the gym for now.

Watch a little 24 while I think about studying for my final that’s in exactly one hour, but couldn’t make that happen either. I had to get out so I am now on the Path to Jersey City where I can sit without distractions and cram or this exam.

Not really sweating the test, just a little prep and I should be one of the first ones finished. It’s a grammar final for my COMM105 class and I have done extremely well leading up to this point. A “C” on the test should still get me a high “B” or even a low “A”. Either way, I’ll pass and still have a good GPA.

Another class in the books and move right into an MGT course this Saturday at 0830. Probably cuts back my Friday night boozing. Notice I said probably.

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