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This past week has been draining and I am feeling perpetually tired. I returned home from Red Bank around 530 and proceeded to veg out on my couch for the remainder of the night. I caught up on Lost, talked with Nick and Michelle some, then watched my favorite new series, Pacific on HBO.

If you liked “Band of Brothers,” then you are sure to like this. There have only been two episodes so far. This means that you wont have far to catch up! Tom Hanks of Cast Away fame (WILSON!!) is producing it and the their team has done an absolutely breathtaking job so far. The casting is great, the cinematography is unreal and the firefights had me clinching the couch. Chesty Puller even makes an appearance (click the link and learn more about this incredible guy). He’s like a real life Rambo, but realer and without the lisp.

The first two episodes were a quick and engaging watch. Find some way to check it out. Use a friend for his HBO subscription, find it on the interwebs, or even subscribe to HBO yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed. Plus then you could watch Entourage in a couple months!

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