Jorts, Jean shorts, have been on my mind for the last 24 hours and I honestly can’t think of why that is. I haven’t had a pair of jorts since I was an elementary school outcast, but I have been thinking about them nonstop. Maybe not the quality of thoughts I would like to be having but that’s how it is right now.

Does this make me a hillbilly, probably not though it’s in my blood. Does this make me a BK hipster, hell no. You won’t catch me with a fedora, cut off skinny jorts, peasant shoes and $5 gas station Oakley frogskin knockoffs. Never in a million years, unless it’s Halloween my favorite day of the year. I could probably be convinced. Either way, with jorts on my mind, I ask this question; can a real manly man pull off jorts without looking like this toolbag?

Not a Harley-type guy, not a grease monkey, and not a 50 something dad. I mean a skater/ alternative styled almost 30 year old obsessed with kicks kinda manly man with a beard and slowly receeding hairline. Could that dude wear jorts and pull it off? I haven’t found a pair yet that fits the look I’m going for but I’m on the lookout. If you find something styley, hit me with a link or just tell me jorts are a pipe dream.

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