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one long day

Today was the funeral for Kelly Santoro, Shawna’s mom. It was a great ceremony and tribute to Kelly. Nico, her son Shawna’s brother, got up and read letters he had written to their mom as she was sick. It was overwhelming and touching. The whole place was sobbing at his tribute, but laughing with him as he cracked some of his dry, witty humor. They played her favorite song and I couldnt help but smile. “Sweet Home Alabama” is one hell of a tune and now it means that much more. Her brothers spoke next and were in typical hilarious form. They shared stories of times passed, lighting her barbies on fire, dousing her with a house and then hitting her with flour, or making parachutes for their GI Joes with her undies. Too much fun. They all really paid her homage.

The funeral concluded and the procession met for some lunch at the local Elks club. Drinks at 1100, why not, it had already been a long day. As the drinks flowed, so did the stories. Stories from friends from the old block, friends from MD where she grew up and friends who worked with her. I heard so many amazing tributes and so many funny stories about her humor, that’s obviously where Nico gets it. I felt so welcomed and so at home even in this time of tragedy.

We were the last ones out of the Elks and back home to Shawna’s for some much needed sleep. Napped out for a couple hours and let the stress of this week somewhat fade. I know its going to take a lot longer than a couple hours and a nap for all this to pass, but I hope that they can all move on smoothly.

Since the nap, we have been doing “work.” Her on her Facebook account and me mapping out my college courses over the next year. So much fun! Now I cant sleep but I am hoping to crash out soon. Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day, and I am so excited to be outside enjoying the rays. I hope sleep comes soon.

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