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best 2 days in sports

The NCAA tournament is the most incredible example of sports awesomeness there is. The first two days of the tourney are filled with 32 storylines of heartbreak buzzer beaters, 5/12 upsets, statement blowouts, and the start of cinderella stories. Nowhere else in sports could you have all this drama in so many locations and affecting so many people all in this timeframe. Yes, the Super Bowl is usually the most watched tv event of the year. Yes, the World Series is usually memorable. But none of these match the intensity from athletes being thrust into the national stage. None of these make no-names into heroes, pieces of their school’s legacy. None of these create such a drop in office work productivity. None of these turn desk jockey office clerks into fully qualified sports analysts like the tourney. I cant help but LOVE this time of year!

This is the first year I have not filled out a bracket since I learned how to fill out a bracket. I know this is probably going to deduct points from my manliness, but I just wasnt in the mindset with all that has been going on in real life. I got to catch a couple minutes of games after the funeral yesterday as we sat around the Elks’ bar. It was actually good to hear some of her relatives and friends being distracted by the games on TV. It almost made things seem back to normal.

Today the windows have been opened, the sun is shining in on where Im sitting and Im watching #10 Missouri v. #7 Clemson. Its been a back and forth game so far and its a one point game with 16 minutes left. Hopefully this game lives up to all of yesterdays. All the big games that I have been seeing highlights from this morning. The only game I am really concerned with is the Maryland game tonight at 945. Since I have no bracket to follow, this is the only thing I am truly concerned with today. Go TERPS! You better be routing for them too!!

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