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Lobsterfest 2010

So for the 3rd year straight, LobsterFest 2010 has come and went. Cheesy bread, cheesy bread, cheesy bread! Is there anything else that I need to say to you? I highly doubt it.

If you have ever eaten at Red Lobster, you know this is really the only reason to go there besides, LobsterFest of course. I ordered the Lovers Duo, which is one Maine lobster tail, and one rock lobster tail. A side of lobster linguini, mashed potatoes, side salad and…oh yeah, cheesy bread. Lots of good conversation about nervous breakdowns on airplanes that require medical attention, the potential Ogden Clothing East Coast tour, and Hobo St Pattys day shananigans.

Stuffed to the brim, we all agreed that this was a great “once a year” event and that the tradition should continue. Paid the bill and made a real good impression on the waiter because we got a to go order of 10 cheesy breads son!! Take home cheesy bread, get out of here! Nuke it 30 secs in the microwave and they taste like they are fresh out the lobster oven. I dont know if I can wait another 364.

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