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I received this today and had to share.


It’s that time again…the Red lobster Lobsterfest. I dream of this for 3 seasons out of the year and then like the first flower of spring…bamm a friggin rocktail to your dome. This will be the 3rd year of the tradition, a tradition that continues to grow. I’m talking about just the fellas sitting around with butter dripping down their chins and their ladies texting them cause they know their missing out on some sweet succulent shellfish. Innocent enough that the women can’t get mad that they’re not invited, indulgent enough that you feel guilty having that extra Chesapeake cheese biscuit. Wednesday, the 10th, at 8PM, BYOB (bring your own bib). Pass along to anyone you feel is hairy enough to enjoy such a treat…and Daul, I don’t mean forward this to your new girl from match! haha

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