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Things I learned in college 3-2

So today we learned about the “Do’s and Dont’s” of PowerPoint. This was on the example slides…
PP slide1 – Dont leave out vital information?

PP slide2 – Slide contains the following chart. Note there are no titles or explanations, hence the previous slide.

Blue balls – Feb 34, Mar 38
Red balls – Feb 12, Mar 23

Teacher, “Look how many blue balls there were in Feb and Mar. Barely any red balls, but a ton of blue balls.”
Class “Damn, that’s a lot of blue balls! Poor dudes! And how the hell you get red balls? This sounds like a horrible relationship.” Whole class busts out laughing.
Teacher, “I guess that was a bad example, huh?”

PP slide3 – Slide3 explains that the chart was for a toy company that manufactures colors in both red and blue.

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