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walk of shame, natural selection at its best

March 28, 2010 1 comment

The Greatest Walk Ever Walked

Getting on the Path today, I was privy to witness something amazing. This occurence I would liken to seeing a dodo in the wild. The mythical, the enchanting, “Walk of Shame” (here on referred to as WOS). But not just any WOS, the best one I have ever seen.

For those that don’t know, the WOS is the early morning walk home after being out all night. You can spot Walkers by looking for oversized sunglasses on a cloudy day. These sunglasses are like a mask from the outside world. They hide the shame-filled, bag laidened eyes of someone who might regret the events of the prior night.

Other Walker traits include, but are not limited to, a wrinkled dress stuffed into a “night on the town” purse, lightly smeared makeup, slightly teased out hair reminiscent of the ’80s, or the wearing of oversized male gym apparel Read more…


yes, really!

I should have known that being prepared gets me nowhere! And the fact that this school cant gets its damn scheduling right is truly beyond me.

I left the house a little late because I was trying to scarf down some Old Fashioned Oats and a b-A-n-A-n-A-s (sing it like Gwen). 0745 means that I am not going to make it to class on time. That is, if the class even starts at 08. Decide to get back to my roots and kick, push, coast on the new board. Its a little chilly out this morning but the air feels crisp. Push through Target parking lot and then Modells, short cut through the plaza and Im at school in less than 7 minutes without breaking a sweat! It usually takes at least 20 on the train. Green transportation works!

Get to school, up to the 5th floor, and greet two other people. Both teachers, no students. One of them happens to be my teacher. We officially meet and then she tells me that the class starts at 09. GREAT!

Here I sit in the student lounge wondering if this is worth it sometimes. I knew this wasnt going to be easy but this hasnt exactly been an organized process from their standpoint. Ill suck it up and move on, just pissed off that I had to see 0645 on the clock this morning when I could have slept in for another hour. Here’s to being prepared. “HERE, HERE!”

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Tell me what good there is in me being up this early on a Saturday morning? IS there any good reason, really? If I were going on a trip, a skate through the city, down to Red Bank to meet Shawna, then yes. But not school. The next 8 weeks I have class or classes on Saturdays. Worst part is, I emailed me teacher about some questions and told her I would see her at 0800. She replies, “arent we to be in class at 0900?” So now, I dont know which it is. My electronic schedule says 0800 and she is saying 0900. That means that I have to be there at 0800 even if it starts at 0900. Life is cruel.

At least the sun is already shining. I guess that will be my niche for the next 2 months. Ill play weatherman to all you downtrodden, oversleep, overpartying, hungover friends of mine. Stay tuned here for all the action news and now to Matt Colvin for some weather! This way you dont have to look out the window and hurt your pour, dry eyes. Read it here.

Its sunny folks, looking like Spring has actually arrived. Hallelujah, praise baby Jesus.

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job search

March 24, 2010 2 comments

One bad mofo

Ive been looking for a job now since December. Something to give me some supplemental income while I am going to school. An easy, flexible job that would pay me around $1000 a month. Needless to say, I havent found anything too interesting yet.

I have always been told I would make a good bartender. No doubt! Only thing is, no one excepts a resume without experience in bartending. I have two tours in Afghanistan and just maybe have dealt with more stress than pouring pastel colored shots for the local bar floozies. Its annoying. Im a people person, love beers and whisky, and can make change; what else are they looking for. Oh that’s right, boobs. I dont have em, wish I did sometimes. Read more…

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COMM105 Final

View from class. Downtown Manhattan

Horrible night of sleep. Saw the clock every hour from 0300 on and feeling real sluggish today. Not quite sure what was keeping me up but Ive been restless for days. I’m tired but can’t get into that good sleep. You know, that sleep-so-hard-that-you-wake-up-with-a-snort-in-a-puddle-of-your-own-drool kinda sleep. The sleep-so-deep-you-blink-and-it’s-8-hours-later type sleep.

Wake up for the last time around 0900, eat a cinnamon raisin bagel, and lounge around this morning. Contemplate going to the gym for about an hour, but can’t get motivated. Nix the gym for now. Read more…

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This past week has been draining and I am feeling perpetually tired. I returned home from Red Bank around 530 and proceeded to veg out on my couch for the remainder of the night. I caught up on Lost, talked with Nick and Michelle some, then watched my favorite new series, Pacific on HBO. Read more…

Best purchase this spring!

ape hangers


Saw this on the side of the road yesterday and passed it up. Debated all night whether or not to buy it and finally decided that if it was still there today, I was grabbing it. GUess what? It was still there! I bought it from this great older guy who had a fat cigar sticking out of his face the whole day long. They also had you typical old junkyard dog. Some beat up old mutt that guarded the place. He even had a limp. Old dude charged at me all gimpy like almost falling over because of his tail wagging so hard. I thought rabies at first, but this dog just wanted to say hi.

Its a little smaller than I wanted and needs some work, but this thing has character fo sho! It’s even got two handlebar settings, lowrider and ape hangers. A new seat, new handle grips, some new paint and this thing is gonna be the sickest whip in all of jersey! Now I have to find a suitable name…

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