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Things I learned in college 2-26

My class in college is filled with some real characters. Every class I get the priviledge of hearing a phrase that I never thought would come out of someone’s mouth. I swear this is real and that I could not make this up. Ill try my best to explain each.

Gotta love trying to learn how to write in APA format, the format we need to use to turn in papers, and this conversation pops up.
THe topic turns from sentence structure to NYC rats.
Student1 “Ive seen rats, none ya’ll seen rats like me! I work at the train station and Ive seen rats. Them n****z huge!”
Student2 “I always thought mice grew up to be rats.”
Conclusion: This is UNreal

Same class, different people.
Student1 “Yo, I heard a story about this woman who got bit by a horse, and she had to get an injection so she didnt turn into a horse herself.”
Class “Yo man, you stupid”
Conclusion: Really? Where did you hear this story and what made you think this was the forum to talk about it?

Almost the end of class
Teacher, “You will be required to write a demonstrative essay.”
Student1, “Now just what the hell is that?”
Student2, “It’s a cross between a demon and monster essay.”
Conclusion: I actually laughed my ass off at that.

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