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New Years Steve

I alluded to New Years Eve in my first post and I guess I should catch you up to speed with the night’s happenings.

My friend was hosting a party at his warehouse loft in Hoboken so Shawna and I decided this is where we would spend New Years. NYC is too much of hassle with trains, security, lack of public bathrooms and frigid temps. I agree that it is worth the hassle once in your life, but I haven’t reached that point yet.

I shied away from drinks leading up to midnight as the party raged. No particular reason, just didn’t think I wanted to have a hangover the next day. All those good intentions still lead to a hangover that cripples me in the morning. Let me explain.

3,2,1, “Happy New Year!”, everyone screams. Bottles of champagne are popped and my downward spiral begins. I was so happy I got my kiss that I decided to celebrate by drinking an estimated 5 bottles of bub. Needless to say, the night quickly got fuzzy and faded to black.

Corks flying everywhere, dance parties a plenty and spilled bub everywhere. Life and the night is going great until I wake up in my bed. I cant make that sound for the life of me. What the hell is that buzzing sound? BEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP! BBBBBEEEEEPPEPPP! I roll over and strangely enough, Shawna isnt there. BBBEEEBBEEEEEP! Its only 0800 in the morning, who the hell is at the door?

I get up, mash all the buttons on the buzzer to the outside doors, and unlock the door to the apartment. I open the door and there is Shawna in her New Years Eve dress, heels and winter coat. “Are you kidding me Bubs,” she asks. Holy shit, she didnt sleep here. We both crawl into bed and she is freezing. I know she doesnt want to cuddle, but she does just to warm up faster. We fall back into comas and wake up later that afternoon…this is where it gets interesting.

Shawna wakes up and helps me to piece the night back together. It goes a little something like this.

Countdown to New Years and a kiss, got it.
5 bottles of bub, check. I knew that.
Dance party, yup, knew that too.
Pushed a kid that was hitting on Shawna, uh oh. Starting to get spotty.
Tell said kid that Im ready to fight when he is. Kinda remember that.
Solomon and Shawna carrying me to the truck. Oops, no recollection of that one.
Shawna drives us around looking for parking.
She thinks that I am going to barf, so she drops me off at my front door.
Drive around some more (about 30 minutes), finds a parking spot, then comes to my place.
Uhoh, locked her out.
She rings the buzzer. My buzzer, my neighbors buzzers, but no response.
Finds a random kid on the street and asks him to kick in the front door. He tries to no avail.
Part of the agreement was for her to drive him to where randomkid needed to go.
Drops him off at his friend’s house and finds another parking place.
Tries my place again, BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZZZZZZZZ! Nothing.

Shawna ends up sleeping in her truck on New Years Eve. She crawls in the back and tries to keep warm, only to wake up every hour or so to turn the Jeep back on and drive around the block for heat.

I dont know how she is still with me, but she is. I will NEVER live this down, but I will try to make it up to her forever. God help me.

Think you had a better New Year’s Eve? Comment.

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