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Everyone meet Shawna, she is my current ladyfriend, hopefully my last. Actually she is the only girl I have truly dated in the last 4 years and she is absolutely exceptional. An exotic beauty who doesn’t really see how beautiful she is unfortunately. Very passionate and opinionated, stubborn but so sweet.

We have been dating since Aug 7, I just found that out last week when I missed our 6 month anniversary, (oops!) so it is still a rather new relationship.

Back to my 29th year. With my birthday being 3 days after Christmas, I always get screwed out of parties and presents. Then when I do get presents they are wrapped in Christmas paper. 29 times this has happened in some way, shape or form, at least I assume this has been a tradition this long since I can’t remember my first christmas or bday.

This year was shaping up to be exactly the same and I had actually come to terms with that since I was going to be sharing it with a special lady. I was in Hoboken, none of my friends were and we just decided to keep it low key.

Thai food at Sri Thai, your best bet for Thai at a great price in Hoboken. Their curries are amazing. Some good, filling food in the gullet and we decided to walk up to Washington, the main strip in Hobo, to grab a drink.

One of my go-to bars is the Black Bear(BB) since the food is reliable, the service is above average in town, and they have almost 30 TVs with any game you can imagine on. We strut passed BB because we had been there the night prior with my rents. (not a good idea when J-E-T-S fans are watching and expletives are flowing like the salmon of Capistrono). As we pass, she pulls me back and wants to grab a pint in BB. Who am I to say no?

I bump into the guy in front of me, curse him silently because I got a pretty good elbow and no apology, show our IDs and move right in. We get to the bar, grab the brews and venture upstairs. Once there, I see about 10 friends that were all “out of town” for the night.

Old roomies, kickball championship pals, high school crew and hometown friends, and a smattering of girlfriends in there. Turns out the guy that elbowed me at the door was Maury, my Golden Jewmate. Let me break down that nickname for ya -Maury’s real name is Rob, but Rob isnt really a jewish enough name for him. “Golden” comes from the unusual bronze coloring that Rob achieved this summer. And “jewmate” because he was my jersey shore-house roommate that happens to be Jewish. If you still dont get it, here is an equation that I came up with to illustrate.
Rob is Jewish + Rob was my roommate = Rob is my “Jewmate”
I am sure there will be more mention of this fine gentlemen as I venture through this year.

Digressing again…I don’t get surprised often, but I had been gotten.

Pitchers of beers, throwing out stories from gone by times, funny ones that place me right under that oncoming bus. All this…and I feel like I’m home.

Thanks Liam/ Steph, Jax/Jef, Fwad/ Kimmy Bobby, Alex, and Bruce. Thanks Shawna. Best bday in a really long time.

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