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They’re called quips because they’re quick…

I believe this is from a Chris Farley movie, but I could be mistaken. Either way, this line has stayed with me a long time and I think that in my daily writings I need to inspire laughter, not bitch about my present college classroom situation.

My friend Chris owns a apparel company called Ogden Clothing out of Hoboken NJ. His shirt designs are pretty progressive in terms of artwork and they are printed on American Apparel silky, urban chic Ts. He is so trendy! Either way, he has already started the company, but now is looking for a creative way to give back. One day I get an email and it reads like this…

“Subject: Charity idea?
I want to do a charity shirt each line (season of clothing release), where 100% proceeds go to a charity. And i think i got a good idea.
Im not sure how you feel about cilantro, but half my friends love it and half despise it. so i was thinking about launching a campaign on facebook called “sin cilantro por favor”. People join these pages all the time for no reason, like the newest one i joined “Jersey: We go hard”, sounds stupid but in less then a year they have 150,000 fans! Anywho, what it will be is taking peoples mutual hate for cilantro and turning it into a good cause. We would make a couple shirt designs(start with one) that says “sin cilantro por favor” on it. Then sell them and donate 100% of the proceeds to a food or hunger charity in the US. That catch of course being that you have to come to our site to buy it. thoughts, concerns? need you inputs…..”

I think this is hilarious! I cant tell you how many times in my adult life I have asked if cilantro was an ingredient in a dish that I was thinking about ordering and then decided against that dish upon hearing the word cilantro. I am sure there are a bunch of you reading this that would feel the same way. Once I heard this I was hooked and wanted to do everything in my power to help this thing along. We have a meeting tomorrow morning to discuss action items that are necessary for a successful launch of this charity effort. I am so stoked to bring this to the public it almost hurts.

Here is a possible shirt design. Remember the first couple are going to be straight to the point, nothing too mind blowing. Check it.

My response…

“I would definitely rock this one. I want to do one that says it across the back in times new roman font with a period after it. I know its common, maybe even played out, but I always think back to the grocery store line where I enjoy the back of the person’s shirt who is in front of me. A good laugh in the grocery line is always needed especially if that someone in front of you is a 103 yr young lady with 396 cans of cat food, a roll of 1 ply toilet paper and is paying with a ziplock of pennies.”

I think we can all agree that those circumstances warrant a funny one liner shirt.

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