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The idea behind the blog behind the man

The days leading up to my 29th birthday were a struggle to say the least.  Not because I was trying to come to terms with my age, but rather some serious changes had just occurred in my life.  I had just left my company, Bustin Boards, my girlfriend’s mother’s cancer returned, Christmas was only 3 weeks away (my bday only 3 days after that), no more job and bills needed paying.  Stress was weighing down heavily on me and with every passing day I fell deeper into depression, oh, and the cold, grey winter weather doesnt help either.  Christmas comes and goes, and finally, on the 28th of December at 6:12 or 6:15 pm (my mom doesnt remember the time so neither do I), I turned 29.

The idea for this blog came a couple days after my birthday, after it had finally set in that these were the last days of my 20’s.  I think that it was actually New Year’s Eve (a funny story in itself) after four bottles of cheap champagne.  Either way, I thought it would be funny for others to step into the life of a man on the verge of losing his youth and his hair.

This blog will detail my everyday life, thoughts, experiences, dreams, pretty much anything I can think of.  Hopefully it’s entertaining, if not, there will only be a year of this so get over it.

Well that’s the gist of it.  Follow me on a crazy trip to the next third of my life.

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